Shop window design

We design, manufacture and install imaginative shop displays to promote product sales.


Instalace ze starých knih pro kavárnu v Praze.

We create original installations and decorations for commercial and private use.

Store design

We will design and manufacture unusual shop furniture for your shop windows or shop interiors.

Graphic design

návrh plakátu pro soutěžní festival

Our services are comprehensive. We are happy to make a graphic coat of advertising media for you.

Visual merchandising

We can help with the arrangement of goods on the sales floor and styling of mannequins.


We will introduce you to the secrets of Visual Merchandising and teach you how to use it.

Visual marketing of sales spaces

Like a freshly opened candy store, that’s what your store should look like. Every part of the sales area should look inviting so that the customer is completely intrigued and wants to try, feel and possibly buy the item. We can help you with this. We can design and implement a window display, sales furniture, an original installation or new visual merchandising for your store so that you are unmissable to your clients.

Individual solutions for your shop

First, we meet with the client for a no-obligation meeting where we try to understand the vision of the company, ask about successes and problems, goals and ambitions. At the next meeting, we deliver a presentation with ideas and proposed solutions.

  • design and implement a shop window that will attract customers from afar
  • arrangement of goods on the sales floor and visual merchandising of the entire store
  • original furniture in the store or even the entire interior of the store
  • imaginative advertising media with respect to your visual style
  • original three-dimensional installations and decorations for commercial and private purposes