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We offer Visual Merchandising training for store owners and their staff. We will teach you the basic rules of arranging, from preparation through selection of goods to their placement to attract customers.

Well and interestingly displayed merchandise at the point of sale is the foundation of business success. We believe that thoughtful product presentation will set you apart from the competition and is often more effective than investing in costly advertising.

How we can help

We will guide you and your employees through practical advice on how to present your goods in the window and on the sales floor. Learn about merchandise rotation, the effect of lighting and music on the shop floor. We’ll talk about what a hotspot is, where it belongs and how to approach it.

We try to hold the workshops we offer on the shop floor. After an initial introduction to visual merchandising, basic decorating rules and selected examples from practice, we try to demonstrate good and bad merchandise display design directly on the sales floor.

At the end of the workshop, participants take away a wealth of practical advice for their particular sales space. They should be able to identify the hot and cold zones in the store themselves and know how to arrange the merchandise effectively on them. They should also know how to engage customers with the shop window and front walls. Both with creatively displayed merchandise and interesting styling of mannequins.

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