Textilní instalace připomínající cirkusové šapitó a světelný plakát na podium pro balkánskou párty.

Inspirational objects

You’ve probably seen an interesting installation in a place you know well and pass through often. Suddenly, you start to perceive the environment differently, stop and look around, perhaps amused or inspired to do something new.

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, it could be an interesting decoration made from old books in your favourite café. Or an installation made of old fabrics at a neighborhood festival in your area.

We create original three-dimensional installations and decorations for commercial and private use. And we always strive to create objects that evoke an emotion, a mood, or make passersby think.

How we can help

At the first meeting with the commissioner, we try to clarify the occasion for which the three-dimensional object is to be used, if it is to be a short-term or long-term installation, and what emotions it should evoke in people. Next time we already bring some ideas and after brainstorming with the client we narrow down the proposals.

These are then further developed into 3D visualisations, small models or first test samples. We install and then dismantle the three-dimensional objects in the timeframe the client wishes and always try to have the whole process documented in an interesting way.

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