Visual merchandising

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Visual style tells more than a thousand words

The appearance of the shop must always be perfect. That’s why Visual Merchandising is an important part of the marketing strategy and has a significant impact on sales and profit. The merchandiser takes care of the visual aspect of the entire store, arranging the merchandise on the sales floor, decorating the window displays, styling the mannequins and monitoring the continuous rotation of the items sold. It’s a field that is all about strategy and details that can catch the eye and get the customer to buy.

We provide our services mainly to small companies of various specializations, but we also have theoretical and practical experience in visual merchandising from large multinational companies where we have worked for a long time. We are looking for partners for long-term cooperation, for whom we want to create an interesting visual style of sales spaces and thus contribute to their successful business.

How we can help

Like an open jewellery box glittering in all directions, that’s how your store should look. Everything lined up, arranged and unstacked in such a way that the customer is intrigued and wants to try things on, feel and possibly buy.

It may seem that large multinational chains that have a “visual person” in each branch who takes care of the store’s appearance and window decoration will have an advantage in the competition. However, the uniform look of large companies is not interesting in the long run and will soon become boring.

We offer external cooperation to medium and small companies, where after an initial informative meeting we offer solutions on how to change the appearance of the shop, and then we come regularly as needed. We take care of the visual aspect of the store, the arrangement and continuous rotation of products, window decoration and styling of mannequins.

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