Shop window design

design výlohy pro obchod s jeans oblečením

Window display sells

People form an opinion of a store based on the appearance of the shop window. Only an interesting and beautiful window will attract a passer-by who will decide whether to visit the store. It is important to update the window display and not leave the installation unchanged for a long time.

Window displays form an important channel of marketing communication that often decides whether a customer will visit a store. With increasing competition, shop windows can be the deciding factor that persuades passers-by to enter your doors. That’s where we come in. We design, manufacture and install shop windows that will increase product sales.

Take inspiration from our gallery of shop window designs, some of which have already been implemented.

How we can help

We will work out a plan with the client (ideally for the whole year), taking into account the main seasons (spring/summer/autumn/winter) and the new products they want to introduce during the year. We will clarify the duration of the window display (long-term vs. short-term), who will implement and modify the window display.

Preferably right at the shop window, we will clarify from where and from what distance people will approach the shop window. We’ll look at competitors’ storefronts in the area and think about the target audience, or who your customers are and who else you want to reach. We’ll tailor the content of the offer and the look of the shop window to this.

At the next meeting we will bring some 3D designs of the new shop window and an approximate pricing. We try to link the different installations throughout the year, for example, by changing a few elements we can prepare the window display for the next season or an impact sales event. Once the final design has been agreed, a detailed measurement of the window display, production and subsequent implementation follow. We try to document the whole process of work and the resulting window arrangement in an interesting way. If necessary, we regularly come to the shop to replace the displayed goods or train the staff.

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